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'Vow Not Now'

In today's society, we have come to realize that becoming a teen mother is an extremely difficuly task. Take charge and take responsibilty of your own actions and 'vow not now'. Millions of teen girls who become pregnant aren't ready for such a huge responsibility. So, make a promise to yourself and wait. Theres plenty of time for you...because all it takes is just one time.


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Affects on Teen Pregnancy

Early motherhood can affect the psychological development of the infant. One study suggested that adolescent mothers are less likely to stimulate their infant through affectionate behaviors such as touch, smiling, and verbal communication.

Teen mothers are more likely than mothers over age 20 to give birth prematuerly. Between 2002 and 2004, preterm birth rates averaged 14.3 percent for women under age 20 compared to 11.7 percent for women ages 20 to 29. Babies born too soon face an increased risk of newborn health problems, long-term disabilities and even death.

A Little Too Late

Teens who are already pregnant can improve their chances of having a healthy baby by:

-Getting early and regular prenatal care from a health care provider or clinic.
-Eating a nutritious and balanced diet.
-Stop smoking. Smoking increases the risk of low birthweight, premature birth, stillbirth and pregnancy complications.
-Stopping drinking alcohol and/or using illicit drugs. Alcohol and drug use limit fetal growth and can cause birth defects.
-Avoiding all prescription and over-the-counter drugs, unless recommended by a health care provider who is aware of the pregnancy.